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Adventure, Mystery and A Good Time at Craig Road’s


- prologue -


“It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes."


Set of Six is not for the languid.


Founder and investor Mr Asifur Chowdhury has travelled the world, seeking atypical cocktail lounge experiences that provide a place to unwind with great drinks and delectable dining.


Inspired by the life and tales of Joseph Conrad, one of history’s greatest novelists, Set of Six is a cocktail bar that takes adventure seekers on an elegant trip back to a time when Sea Voyages were common and Twilight Soirees ruled the twilight hours.


Chef Gonzalo Landin put his expert eye and hand into the masterfully curated food menu, and a deeply crafted cocktail bar experience. This is expressed in the exquisite detailing and interior design, conceptualised by Chef Landin, that tells the story of adventure. Further driven by expertly-crafted cocktails that tell tales of courage and splendour, Set of Six sets out to bring a new dimension to Singapore’s cosmopolitan night scene.


- signature cocktails -


A set of six drinks that bring the six tales of in the namesake book to life in fresh, innovative manners. Adventure around the world with spirits and flavours that give context and life to the locations found throughout the book. Can’t make a decision? Don’t worry, just ask the team for recommendations and we’ll help you get the drink you need.


- uniquely curated menu -


Adventurers at Set of Six will enjoy quality ingredients, turned into visually-stunning and palate-pleasing dishes at the hands of Chef Landin. With a curated menu full of dishes inspired by locations in Joseph Conrad’s book, diners will be treated to a flavourful adventure.


- wedding & events -


Planning a Birthday party, wedding after-party or your next soireé? Check our the gallery for what to expect, and ask us about table bookings and our private room.